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Take heart…

If you ever get to feeling down about the inevitable (but always avoidable!) corrections we run, remember that things could always be worse. Or even worse.

Happy holidays!


Happy Holidays, Statesman Staff!!!

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Cool story on tiny NYC apts.

Eddie Rabon

Angel Chevrestt/ New York Post

You think your dorm room is tiny? Check out this piece from NY Post! Watch the video. We should be EASILY able to emulate this style of video reportage. Let’s get out there with our video/Web operation!

Editor & Publisher folds

Editor and Publisher magazine is folding.

Kids, back in my day — not so long ago — E&P’s classified ads were the source of great journalism jobs (back when there were some of those floating around). It’s how I found out about my job in Idaho. Its articles have chronicled the vast changes in the industry and offered advice to those surviving in the trenches.

It’s a tough world out there. With E&P gone, I recommend staying up on the news with Jim Romenesko’s column at Poynter, Columbia Journalism Review and American Journalism Review. It’s important to stay informed, so that you know where the job prospects are — and so you can talk intelligently about trends in the industry.

Congratulations, Spring Leaders! congratulate Daniel Greenwell and Caitlin Hancock on being chosen Spring semester Editor in Chief and Student Ad Manager, respectively.

The Student Publications Board voted Tuesday to appoint Daniel and Caitlin to their leadership positions for spring. Caitlin, a senior marketing major, is the current ad manager at the Statesman, and has done a wonderful job bringing in revenue in spite of tough economic times.

Daniel, a senior sports administration major, is currently assistant sports editor and recently signed a contract to the Ultimate Fighting Championship under Oscar De La Hoya’s management agency. So, the Statesman newsroom should be the safest room in the building next semester!

Daniel will be choosing his editors over the next month, so please let him know which positions appeal to you for spring semester. We are lucky to have Daniel and Caitlin at the helm of the 7th floor. Please give them all the support you can.

Congratulations to you both!