Catching up on kudos

First, BIG BIG kudos to Reggie for almost single-handedly covering the 108 staff cuts on Friday.  Reggie’s effort is the only reason we were able to inform readers about this important impact on our campus. This story merits follow-up, in terms of getting an accurate list of names of people whose positions were eliminated. I know many of those people would be willing to talk to us. Great job, Reggie! Way to think like a journalist!

Nick did a nice job “previewing” the staff cuts. His story last Wednesday covered some important background about ISU’s financial situation. Nick’s piece Friday on reaction to Obama’s State of the Union speech was also timely and a great way to localize that story.

Reggie also deserves kudos for his coverage of Provost Jack Maynard’s application for the president’s gig at Youngstown State. I trust Reggie will get another well-deserved pat on the back when we write about whether Maynard gets the job.

Finally, our Martin Luther King, Jr., Day of Service package was nicely done. The Jan. 20 issue had a super-cute kid’s face prominently on the front, helping clean up at a local charity. The stories by Erin, Jenny and Greg offered a diverse and compelling look at all the ways the day impacts students. Great job on planning and execution of that package!

Nathan’s sports photos have carried more than one issue recently. He’s doing a great job capturing key moments on the court. Nice work, Nathan!

Harold “Boss” Bosstick is kicking bootay with his awesome staff this semester. His section is routinely diverse in terms of story topics. As an editor, he is organized and communicates well with all his peers. Great job Boss-man!

For the record, the star ratings for the previous 5 issues are as follows:

Jan. 20

As mentioned above, great MLK package that reflected a good deal of planning and smooth execution. Great job by the whole staff.

Jan. 22

This Friday issue was NEWSY!!! From Provost Maynard job-hunting to the Haitian nursing student’s plight to the smoking ban being flaunted to armed standoffs with police, this issue had a little something for every reader.  Great job by Nick, Zach, Heidi and Reggie getting the biggest scoops out front.

Jan. 25

This issue was lackluster. The basketball story that leads the front isn’t really that big a deal to anyone but the real fans. It doesn’t merit general-interest front page placement. Our piece on Tony George leaving the Indy speedway board is a bright spot, but could have been more localized. He has a lot of involvement on Terre Haute boards, as well.  Colts heading to the Super Bowl gets back page placement, but would have been better choice for the front than b-ball because of its broader appeal.

Jan. 27

We had some solid reporting in this issue — the previw of the staff cuts, enrollment figures, Sandison Hall’s nursing residence plans and contributed content from Auschwitz travelers.  We also did a pretty good job getting feature photos of students working out at the Rec Center. I also appreciated Harold’s take on Super Bowl party planning. However, a closer look at some weak ledes and poorly executed page designs inside takes this down from a “good” paper to just “OK.”

Jan. 29

This issue has solid story topics and some compelling writing by Nick, Rachel and Reggie. We needed more photos, though. We needed pix of people for the State of the Union story and a torch-carrying photo of Professor Rogers.  Our school spirit story had only one source and no students talking about school spirit.


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