Monthly Archives: March 2010

Movin’ on down are afoot on the seventh floor. As you all know by now, the Statesman is packing up and making a slow descent to the first floor of HMSU, with a temporary stop-over on the fourth floor. You’ll see lots of boxes strewn about the hallways and staff members busily boxing and sorting. Thanks to those of you who are packing up and helping us move!

This presents a real problem for the Buzz, which has been buzzing on 7 for three-ish years now. So, expect some new incarnation of the blog in the summer/fall. In a related note, Lori (your Buzz author) is outie as of Spring Break. (sniff) Gotta go teach some IU kids about scandal and celebrity in the news…

But the Buzz will remain online, and may even be occasionally updated(!). I will post an update on the status of all the changing logistics as soon as I can.

In the meantime, below are some moving tips that I’ve picked up from about a half-dozen moves in the past 10 years… Please add your own!

1. Pack toilet paper LAST, so you know where it is.

2. When moving in, set up and make the bed first (and put beverages in the fridge), so that you can crash in comfort when you reach your limit.

3. If you ask acquaintances to help you move, they will resent it. The least you can do is pay them with large supplies of their favorite beverage.  Best friends won’t like helping, either, but they don’t get a choice. (Plus, you already do lots of things that annoy them anyway. That’s how it works with best friends.)

4. Make time to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. This has many, many benefits. And it’s just the right thing to do.

5. Before packing up a bunch of stuff to move, pack up a bunch of stuff for Goodwill. You will appreciate not having to unpack it at the new place. (P.S. — If it’s still packed from the LAST TIME you moved, you don’t need it…)

Happy packing!